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SFBT Overview

SFBT Session videos with commentary

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JJ: SFBT with an individual male. In this session I met with a young man who had made some choices in his past and struggling to overcome them to create a new life for himself. It was a very hard session but highlights some key components to this method.

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Chad & Leslie: SFBT with a struggling couple. In this session I met with a couple that was struggling to move forward and not let the past of one of the partners interfere with the future they both hoped for. Working with couples always presents unique challenges, and this session was no exception.

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Logan: SFBT with teen experiencing substance misuse. In this session I met with a young man that mandated into therapy due to trouble with drugs. This session was challenging as it was clear in the beginning that the teen did not want to be there but by the end, things had changed.

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BONUS VIDEO: Carlos & Akira with commentary: SFBT with a couple that have recently experienced infidelity in their relationship. Needless to say this was a tough session.

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BONUS VIDEO: Dave & Celeste with commentary: This video has become well known in the SFBT community due to the content. It was one of the first sessions to show how SFBT is done with difficult couples. This video highlights everything important about SFBT with couples, and by the end of the talk the change was amazing!

SFBT Session videos uncut

Chad & Leslie


BONUS VIDEO: Carlos & Akira

BONUS VIDEO: Dave & Celeste

Additional Bonus Materials

BONUS: An electronic copy of my book, “The Solution Focused Marriage” – click here to download

BONUS: An invitation into my private Facebook Group – if you have not received an invitation yet and would like to join, please click here and click the “join group” button. One of the moderators will grant your access to the group.

BONUS: A video interview with one of the founders of the SFBT approach that is only available to people that have taken my online course, I’ve never shared this before. – click here to view this exclusive interview.

BONUS: Article – Solution Building with Couples

BONUS: Article – Beyond Expectations