The Connie Institute SFBT Session Video Bundle: 2016 Edition

 Master Solution Focused Brief Therapy by watching an internationally known SFBT practitioner, lecturer and author use this approach with real clients.


People from all throughout the United States and across the world have accessed these videos!

 It works similarly to Netflix, just sign up and you will create your screen name and password that will give you access to full SFBT sessions.

Mastering this approach can have a dramatic impact on your practice and life as you learn to help more clients faster, build you practice with more clients and become enthusiastic about your work

Becoming competent and confident with this approach can completely change your world.

We're going to show you how to:

  •  Earn more money as your practice grows due to more people being helped quicker, as well as people in the area recognizing you as a different kind of practitioner. 
  •  Reduce feelings of burnout as you engage clients in more positive conversations as well as noticing client changes. 
  •  Join the global Solution Focused community and become more aware of others using this approach, along with Solution Focused events such as conferences and workshops. 
  •  Fulfill your dreams of helping clients that have had their lives touched by some of the biggest life problems. 

You Mastering this approach can change so many lives, think of all of the clients...

  •  That are tired of talking to therapists and recounting their problem story
  •  That have been in traditional psychotherapy for months, or even years, who could benefit from a new conversation.
  •  That are at their wits end and don't know what else to do because they have been dealing with a problem for so long.
  •  Who only have limited approved sessions or limited funds to pay for therapy.

When I was first getting started I had no idea all of the ways that practicing in this way would change my life. I was originally attracted to this way of working because it made a lot of sense to me and it was fun! However, the journey has been amazing and so, too, have the other benefits that have come along with doing this sort of work.

I had no idea just how fulfilling my life was about to become.

Let me share some of my story with you...

From nowhere to a thriving practice to living my dream

I have had a busy private practice for over 10 years, all thanks to Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

I have also written several books and have traveled the world teaching professionals to use this approach in their work.

In the beginning I had nothing but a dream...

When I started graduate school all I had was a dream. I just wanted to be a helpful clinician. At the time I had a job working for an agency where I was being forced to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Not to say that there is anything wrong with CBT, but it was just not resonating with me. When I was eventually introduced to the Solution Focused Approach, I became absolutely hooked. For the duration of my master's studies, in addition to my course work, I read everything I could get my hands on about this approach.

Branching out on my own...

Eventually I realized I was going to have to open my own practice if I was going to further my knowledge and skill in using SFBT. I was scared to death, as I have never done anything like that in my life.

I had no experience in growing a practice and even less guidance, as I didn’t know anyone who had done anything like this. The only thing I could think to do was to become the very best Solution Focused Brief Therapist I could be and offer a service that people would be willing to come and experience.

To accomplish this, I read every book on SFBT that I could, but eventually I wanted more. I began to travel the world attending conferences and intensive trainings dedicated to the Solution Focused Approach. 

In the following years, I became so inspired that I started to write books of my own about this approach, and then eventually conducting my own trainings. I truly wanted to develop materials that would help as many professionals as possible, and really enable people to use this stuff.

SFBT is known as easy to learn but hard to do, and both were true for me...

From all of that time in training and watching the masters using this approach, I learned 2 things important things that have stuck with me more than any other.

The first is that learning the Solution Focused Approach is hard, and actually doing it is even harder. Even for the gurus of this method, it took loads of practice to actually become good at using it. It seemed like the people that were good at doing this tended to think of this as a skill that they needed to hone, and that led to them being so effective.

The second this is that one of the best tools to learn this approach is watching live sessions or videos of sessions. This is because the Solution Focused Approach is a process of language and requires that the clinician know how to build questions in session.

It is not enough to know what the Miracle Question, Scaling Questions, Exceptions, etc. are. You have to be able to put these to use and actually be able to build these types of questions in a session. 

Knowing the path really is different than walking the path!

A quick word from Bill O'Hanlon

What has stopped you from using this approach?

Get over your fears and insecurities to become more effective and confident with this approach.

In my travels I have heard so many people express reasons that they do not use this approach in their work. It is these barriers that get in our way from becoming the very best we could be. 

Here are the most common barriers I hear.

  •  SFBT is not evidence based or supported by research. Many people believe this in our field and this is completely UNTRUE! This approach has a mountain of research behind it and is an evidence-based intervention.
  •  I have already learned another approach. Many of the world renowned SFBT community started off learning something else. Then, with work, they made the shift to being effective with this approach. You really CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
  •  I don't have the time. Using this approach does take time to learn but if you can take a few minutes a day to practice, you can learn it.
  •  I can't come up with all of those questions in session. This is why we want you to view this approach as a language and not a "technique". That is how we come up with our questions when working with clients. You already have the language skills, you just have to learn how to use them!
  •  My graduate program did not focus on it. I hear this a lot, as some programs do not introduce their students to this way working. It can be hard to find this material on your own if you don't know where to look. Look no further!
  •  SFBT does not address the client's core issues. This is also not true. Many people believe because we are talking about the client's preferred future that we are ignoring the problem. False. We are impacting the problem but doing it in a different way.

So can I master this approach?

Perhaps some of the reasons listed above resonate with you, or maybe there have been some other barriers that have gotten in your way. Mostly, it all boils down to one word. Fear. In session people frequently become panicked when they get stuck and abandon use of SFBT and start doing something else.

Also, people become fearful that they won't be asking the "right" questions instead of asking the "next" question. This also tends to cause people to abandon use of SFBT and start to do something else. 

You can overcome this fear and become more competent and confident when using this approach. This series of session videos is designed to help you overcome those issues that make it hard for you to stick to this in session. 

I assure you can do it! You can learn to use this approach with nearly any client with nearly any issue and stick to this way of working, even with the clients who are experiencing the most difficult life circumstances.

 It works similarly to Netflix, just sign up and you will create your screen name and password that will give you access to full SFBT sessions.

What is included in this video series?

This is video bundle is unlike any other in the field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. It includes 3 full session videos of SFBT conversations with actual clients who are dealing real life struggles. 

Plus, I will be narrating each session to let you know why I was doing what I was doing and not doing what I was not doing. The narration occurs in a lecture style plus, you will also have the ability to watch each session uninterrupted.

These are recently made and never before seen sessions, I have never even used these as examples in my trainings. They include: 

  • SFBT with an individual male. In this session I met with a young man who had made some choices in his past and struggling to overcome them to create a new life for himself. It was a very hard session but highlights some key components to this method.
  • SFBT with a struggling couple. In this session I met with a couple that was struggling to move forward and not let the past of one of the partners interfere with the future they both hoped for. Working with couples always presents unique challenges, and this session was no exception. 
  • SFBT with teen experiencing substance misuse. In this session I met with a young man that was mandated into therapy due to trouble with drugs. This session was challenging, as it was clear in the beginning that the teen did not want to be there but by the end, things had changed.

What Will These Sessions Do For You?

  •  You will become aware of the 4 key stages of SFBT sessions and how to move from one stage to the other. 
  •  You will become familiar with the language of SFBT, not just the techniques, in a way that will allow you to immediately put them to work in your practice.
  •  You will overcome your fears and build your confidence to use this approach by seeing exactly how it is done in some hard situations.
  •  You will learn how to conduct a solution focused conversation and carry it through from the very beginning of the session to the very end.
  •  You will be able to impact more lives, including your own, as a result of having conversations based on strengths and hope instead of problems.
  •  You will know how to respond to difficult client responses to session questions such as "I don't know", "I don't understand your questions", or those one words answers that makes further questions hard to come up with.

Do these training videos work?

"I just finished all the videos, and I think Elliott did a particularly good job in picking the specific videos to demonstrate different challenges and solutions. Great buy if you haven't gotten it yet."


"I am very happy to both have a refresher of the 4 day training I took with Elliott in January, and to see him handle some difficult cases and issues that are similar to ones I struggle with. As I keep watching, I am better and better able to stay on track with my own clients. Thank you thank you thank you - this stuff it really works!"


How will I Get These Full Session Videos?

As soon as you complete your order, you will receive online access to the series immediately and will have access to the videos forever.

 It works similarly to Netflix, just sign up and you will create your screen name and password that will give you access to full SFBT sessions.

What else Is Included?

1. You will get 6 Continuing Education Credits for watching this bundle of session videos.

2. Dynamic lecture and stories of me sharing points to help point the important things taking place in each session.

3. You will also get the raw footage of each video in case you want to watch the session without the lecture interruptions.

We're ready to prove everything we claim. Register for the videos right now, and see them for yourself for two weeks. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here, or you just change your mind for any reason at all, I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.


  •  An electronic copy of my book, "The Solution Focused Marriage". This book has been a best seller all around the world and provides 5 applicable strategies that can improve any the satisfaction of a couple. This book is great for both couples and professionals who work with couples. (a $15 value) 
  •  An invitation into my private Facebook Group filled with an interactive group of Solution Focused learners where you can bounce your ideas about SFBT and share your successes and frustrations. Some world renowned Solution Focused Brief Therapy lecturers, authors and practitioners (including myself) are members of this group and frequently post and always respond to other people's posts. (a $97 value) 
  •  A video interview with one of the founders of the SFBT approach that is only available to people that have taken my online course, I've never shared this before. This interview contains material not easily found from one of the people who was there in Milwaukee as these ideas were developed. (a $1497 value) 
  •  Electronic copies of 2 articles I have written for a national magazine about my approach to using SFBT with couples as well as my journey to becoming an SFBT clinician. 
  •  2 extra session videos brining the total of this bundle to 5! This material is packed with content you won't be able to get anywhere else. These are real sessions with real people who were struggling with real issues. These sessions were tough, I wanted it that way so you could see this approach in action.

Is This Your Year to Revolutionize Your Practice?

There is no way I can accurately describe just how much honing my solution focused skills has done for me. In the beginning, I didn't know what I was doing other than learning a new way of work. I am so glad I took action. 

I first realized it was impacting more than just my clients when I started getting more and more phone calls from people looking to schedule appointments. More often than not, people would say they are scheduling with me because they heard from someone that "he asks amazing questions". Who would've thought that brief therapy would lead to a bigger practice, but it did!

However, that is not the biggest impact it has had on me. That would have to be the sense of community I now experience. I have met some of my best friends at Solution Focused Brief Therapy events and honestly I don't know what my life would look like with them. Not to mention I have gone on to write several books and travel the world teaching others. It truly has been an amazing ride!

How Much Does This Video Bundle Cost?

This full session video bundle is available for $297 USD for a limited time only!. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. You will get access to the bundle emailed to you immediately. 

Don't miss out on becoming the very best Solution Focused Brief Therapist you can be. Just click on the Get Instant Access Now button below to pay and start watching the most valuable tool of learning, real sessions. 

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We Looked Everywhere... 

No one has ever done anything like this, so we had no idea what to charge. I searched all over the place, and most other videos of real sessions cost a boat load of money [and you usually just get one session and no Continuing Education Credit]. 

It was important to me to do this differently! You'll get 3 sessions (or 5 if you purchase in time to get the bonus), CE credits, each session with me providing comments as well as getting the raw video in case you want to watch it straight through without interruption. All of this for one low price! 

We are releasing these videos so cheaply because I want EVERYONE to be able to see what the Solution Focused Approach looks like in session. So you can get this bundle for less than other places sell one video! Then we put the CE credits on top of that! 

PS- Concerned about the cost? Think about how much you would normally have to spend on 6 continuation credits. You'd have to close you practice for a day or miss a day of work and attend a daylong workshop. In this case you get the credits plus real session content that you will be able to refer to forever. 

Also, you will likely more than make your money back as your practice grows just from people hearing you are doing this work from other clients going out into the community raving about their sessions with you.

"I too struggled with couples counseling and now after viewing videos I am more prepared. My clients have been reporting a happier present and more preferred future! In fact, a couple on the brink of divorce are more passionate than ever before and report they haven't been this happy in a very long time!!They even gross out their kids now."


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